Lost Photos Recovery - FAQs

Q:  What is Geeksnerds photo recovery software?
A:  Geeksnerds Photo Recovery software is Do It Yourself recovery tool to recover, restore, undelete, un-format, save, retrieve only images and photo files. It can recover accidentally deleted, formatted, corrupt or lost photos files from any type of drive including hard disk, external USB drive, Flash drive, memory cards and digital cameras.

Q:  Can you enlist the damage conditions with which digital photo recovery software can deal?
A:  Our photo recovery software can recover and restore lost photos in all types of damaged conditions. Some common cases include:

Q:  What type of storage media devices are supported by Geeksnerds photo recovery?
A:  Geeksnerds photo recovery software can recover formatted, deleted, corrupted or lost photos, digital images and picture files from hard disk drive, portable drives, removable mass storage devices (flash USB drive, memory stick, mini disk, compact flash). It also works for Mass Storage Enabled Portable Flash Memory Devices (including Digital Cameras) and even Mass Storage Data Connection Enabled Mobile Phones and memory cards including MMC, SD, XD, Micro SD and Mini SD easily.

Q:  What type of raw file formats of digital camera are supported by Geeksnerds Photo recovery software?
A:  Our digital media recovery tool supports Digital Camera image raw file formats including:

Q:  What file formats can be recovered by using Geeksnerds photo recovery software?
A:  It can recover deleted, formatted and lost photos, images and picture files in almost all the formats that are widely used. Most used photo formats like JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP, DWG, ICO, CDR, CPT and PSD etc can be restored using our digital media recovery tool. Also raw camera formats like Canon CRW and CR2, Kodak DCR, Minolta MRW, Nikon NEF, Sony ARW, Casio CAM, Samsung DNG, Epson ERF and Olympus ORF etc can be recovered by using this tool.

Q:  What is the difference between demo and full version?
A:  In the free trial version, Geeksnerds Photo Recovery software will only scan and show result of your data i.e. preview photos or image files. The demo makes the process simpler by showing the thumbnail of lost images but you cannot recover them. You have to buy Geeksnerds Photo Recovery software in order to recover deleted or lost photos.

Q:  What is “Save Scan” results and “Load Scan” results?
A:  When user has scanned a drive or partition, they can save the scan information to use it later on. User will just click on Load Scan and select the files created earlier, the scan result will be loaded. This function saves the time of scan for recovery of lost digital photos.

Q:  I want to see my lost photos by using your free demo version of digital photo recovery software. Is it possible?
A:  Yes, this is possible by using our free demo version of Photo recovery Software. It will show preview of deleted, corrupted or lost photos and image files after scan before purchasing the software.

Q:  Can you describe briefly the process of Photo Recovery Software?
A:  Install the photo recovery software; select the drive or partition. User can select external drives or memory cards. Run the Scan, the software shows lost photos. Select photo and save the data on alternate location.

Q:  How to buy Geeksnerds photo recovery software?
A:  Purchase information about Geeksnerds photo recovery software is available online. However, for your ease it has shortly described below: